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Meet The Speakers

Andrei Luchici.jpg

Director of RAU's Center for Research in AI

Andrei Luchici

Lecturer Andrei Luchici is a PhD in Computational Biomechanics at University College London, where he employed mathematical modelling and computer vision to decode the mechanical attributes of cellular movements in live fruit fly embryos.

Antonio Barbalau.jpg

Head of AI

Antonio Barbalau

Mr. Antonio Barbalau is the Head of AI at and currently working on his PhD at the University of Bucharest.

Gogu Razvan.jpg

FMI graduate

Gogu Razvan

Graduate student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Bucharest, passionate about AI, especially in the field of Linguistic Computing.

Kalid Voral.jpg

University Professor

Kalid Voral

Dr. Kalid Voral is a skilled computer engineer and machine learning scientist with over a decade of experience in higher education. He received his PhD in 2015, specializing in machine learning and developing expertise in AI applications such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL).

Head of Computer Vision

Costea Dragos

Interested in machines and machine interfaces since his early days, Dragos is a PhD student at the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy and University Politehnica of Bucharest. While his publications are mostly centered on autonomous navigation and scene understanding, generative methods are at the core of his work at The latter is mostly focused on synthetic avatars and voices, with emphasis on real time methods.

Lucian Istrati.jpg

Lead AI Engineer at Proofcheck

Lucian Istrati

Mr. Lucian Istrati is an experienced AI Engineer specialized in start-ups tackling Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models. He is Co-Founder of a social media monitoring start-up qualified in "Innovation Labs 2021" Semifinal and accepted in the "The No Code AI Peltarion" and "Bucharest AI" accelerators.

Paul Popescu.jpg

CEO of Agora and founder of Modulab

Paul Popescu

Paul Popescu is the founder of Modulab, a transdisciplinary lab that operates at the intersection of art, design, and technology. After 15 years of extensive research and development across all technological axes, he founded Agora Robotics. This deep tech company develops autonomous robots and integrated solutions for digital twin, IoT, and business intelligence.

loana Calen.jpg

Co-founder of Agora and Modulab

Ioana Calen

Ioana Calen is a former culture and technology journalist who has become a cultural manager and curator of interdisciplinary projects. She co-founded Modulab and Agora Robotics and entered the world of entrepreneurship using the tools she has learned from her cultural and theoretical experience. At Agora Robotics, she contributes to strategy, positioning, and communication efforts.


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